Carol Hoyland got this piece done by Linda Dunlop.
The Art Work Gift exchange is always fun, too! Everyone that brought a piece of artwork draws a number. We go through all the numbers in numerical order. The person with the current number can take a wrapped gift from the middle of the circle. This gift exchange is a little different than the steal-back gift exchange in that whichever wrapped gift they choose is theirs! No steal-back. Bonnie Poznich chose this art by Sue Garrison.

This is Brenda Raven's gift. It was a pouring painting done by Malvine Wolf.

Now, let me say that I did not manage to get pictures of ALL the artwork gift picks...sigh, and I did not find out who had done the artwork for all of them. If the artist's name for the work is missing in any of these, please send me an email and let me know who created the piece, please!

send email to Nancy

Malvine Wolf picked this artwork. This one is one of the pieces that I don't know who the artist is..please email me if you know!
Robin Avery displays her gift pick by Natalie Cook.
This was the artwork gift chosen by Doris Thompson. It was done by Dorothy Lyons.
I was giving Claire some orders about showing me the painting so that I could take a picture. Robin Avery promptly saluted! HA! Oh, yeah, I"M THE SERGEANT!
Claire Payne chose this artwork gift by Robin Avery.
Linda Dunlop displays her gift which was painted by Doris Thompson.
Sue Garrison got a candle holder that had a hand painted Santa on it! I THINK this was done by Brenda Raven.

Okay, that was the last photo I was able to take, because all of a sudden everything went to Hell in a hand-basket!

We had 10 pieces of art. Stephanie stood in the center of the circle and said, " If you have artwork on the table for the Artwork gift exchange, please raise your hand". She took a hat around that had 1-10 numbers on scraps of paper. To those people with raised hands.

Now, that should have been enough, but, oh my stars, when artists get together, they LOVE to talk and socialize. Stephanie has a good loud voice, but half those present were paying attention and , I guess, half weren't!! When we got to number 2 one had it. AND , lo and person said she never got a number! So, we made her number two!

As we continued to 3 and 4 , we had another artist ask what this scrap of paper with a "2" on it was!! Oh, my, that was the first snarl HA!

We got through that easily enough, until another artist said that she had never received a number and HAD brought artwork. Okay, so that was 2 artists that had brought artwork and didn't have a number.

Oh, my goodness, 2 other artists confessed to taking a number , BUT they had not brought a piece of art and had already chosen ! It was GREAT! Mass chaos ensued! HA! You gotta' love artists! In order for our creative side to shine through, we have to be a little dingy!