The Art Related Gift exchange is always fun! everyone draws a number. We go through all the numbers in numerical order. The person with the current number can take a wrapped gift from the middle of the circle OR they can "steal" someone else's that they happen to like! Each gift can only be stolen twice, then it is retired. Also a stolen gift cannot be stolen back by the poor artist that lost it. There has to be one other transaction before they can steal it back.

Carol Hoyland was Number 1! Always the best number to get, because after all the numbers have been active, Carol can swap gifts with one of those gifts that hadn't been stolen twice!

PS I make the gift recipient model the bow that was on the package! That usually gets a good laugh!

Karen Corner picked another gift from the middle and modeled her bow!

Stephanie Clark got a gift from the middle too. Hers was a handmade brush holder that Carol Hoyland made. The holder can be rolled up with brushes inside . I thought it was quite pretty!

Connie McMahan chose one from the circle that was in a gift bag. No bow; so, I told her to put the bag on her head! She was a pretty good sport and did just that! Ha!

Malvine Wolf got one from the middle which was a canvas and some Acrylic paints! She was a little shy about the bow picture! Connie was trying to help me get a picture!

Well, this was as close as I could get to make Malvine model her gift bow!

Sue Craddock took a gift from the middle, but she wasn't camera shy and modeled the bow for me! So far this was pretty boring, because no one has "Stolen" a gift yet!

Okay, now it was getting interesting! Someone stole Sue's sketching gift; so, Sue went to the center and took another which just happened to be a sketching book and equipment too!

Susan Garrison took from the center as well and TRIED to put the bag on her head, but, oops, it covered her head entirely! Ha! So she had to find the balance point!

Kathy Horst took a gift from the middle as well. She just modeled the bag by sitting it on top of her head!

Jim Breedveld was our only guy...but he was pretty game to join in! He modeled his bow!

Dorothy Lyons promptly stole Jim's gift! Now SHE models the bow! HA! This is more like it!

Poor Jim had to pick another gift;so, now I have 2 pictures of Jim!

I REALLY loved the handmade by Carol Hoyland brush holder, so...when it was MY turn, I promptly stole it from Stephanie! Ha! She is now unwrapping her new gift. AND she models the bag! Unfortunately (for me!) someone stole that new gift Stephanle had. That allowed her to steal back the handmade brush holder from me! Well, RATS! So, I stole the gift that Malvine had!

Since I stole Malvine's gift, Malvine went to the center to get a new one...and, of course, she wouldn't model the bow!

Linda Breedveld got her gift and husband, Jim, helps her model the bow!

Myrtle Skinner was not bashful! She took a new gift and modeled both her bow and grabbed hold of Bonnie's bow too! HA!

Brenda Raven got a new gift and , lo and behold, it was identical to Malvine's! That's Kismet!

Bonnie Poznich takes a new gift from the center and Myrtle helps her model the bow!

Carmen Tabor took a new gift and modeled the red bow!

Soooo...Jim models yet another bow from the center gifts! He's a pretty good sport about all this! HA!

Carmen's gift was stolen ;so, she got a new one that was a Teddy bear holding a gift card. She put him up beside her head since there was no bow or anything!

Doris Thompson took the last gift from the middle and modeled her bow for me! Doris had the last number. Carol Hoyland was #1 so she could steal, if she wanted to, but I think she stayed with what she had!

Claire Payne was really original. She took the tissue paper from her stolen gift and made a color coordinated bow on her head that matched her outfit! By the way, she stole Poor Jim Breedveld's gift! I think the ladies must be picking on Jim! HA!

I missed some pictures in displaying all these on this page, but this was the gist of it. We all really enjoyed the Steal Back Gift Exchange!