Fun at the Northwest Art League Fall Show!

October 20, 2012

This is Wini White and Karen Corner at the Treasurer's Post. Deb Hagemeyer is helping on the registration desk. Jerry Sue Greenhill and Corrine Wooler are registering.

This is a picture of Margaret Oringderff who was manning the Welcome table by herself. We all missed the presence of Leo, her husband, who passed away recently. Margaret and Leo were such a welcome sight the first thing through the door and cheered everyone up. We missed Leo but appreciated having Margaret there. Thank you Margaret for doing this important duty for our show.

The MET Baptist Church is a great venue for our show. The lighting is GREAT! This is the exhibit taken from the end.

Here is a picture of our judge, Bobbie Kilpatrick. She is from Columbus and did a great job! She is standing next to a couple of her own paintings.

Registration Team picture taken from the third floor!
From the left is Claire Payne, Brenda Raven, President Connie McMahan, April Shields, Suzanne Balluck, Carol Hoyland, and Kathy Horst. Thanks to every one of them for their invaluable help!

Exhibit from the 3rd floor.

The ceiling above the registration team! The MET is a beautiful church!

Shadows from the window above the registration entry door.

There was a good crowd for the critique!

Judge Critiques Best Of Show for Jerry Sue Greenhill!

Judge Critiques Best Watercolor for William Epps!

Judge Critiques Best Landscape for Rosemary Massey

Judge Critiques Best Floral for Devonne Isgett