Northwest Art League - Spring Show 2014 - Elementary School Students

Cat C - 1st Place
"Polly Wants..."
Anna Owens
Cat D - 1st Place
"Ninja Tater Tot"
Alex Black - Northwest Art League



Unfortunately, we managed to get only these two pictures above of the Elementary School students winners.

SO...if anyone has pictures that they can send to me, I will post them here as I received them. Click here to send me an email...Nancy Lee

Cat A - 1st Place
Julie Hawkes - Northwest Art League

Cat B- 1st Place
William Rumscheidt - Northwest Art League

Cat B- 2nd Place
Monet Douglas

Cat F- 1st Place
"Fruit in the Ocean"
Remy Douglas

Cat F- 2nd Place
"Throwing Away Icicles"
Remy Douglas

Cat F- 3rd Place
"Fruit Tower"
Monet Douglas

Cat F - 1st Honorable Mention
"Leaf Bed"
Monet Douglas

Cat F - Honorable Mention
"Sunny Side"
Monet Douglas

Cat H - 1st Place
"The Figure Eight"
Autumn McGuffin - Northwest Art League