Northwest Art League - Spring Show 2014 - High School Students (Part 1)

Cat A - 1st Place
"The Star Gazer"
Taylor Elmore
Cat A - 2nd Place
"Into the Aurora"
Sarah Silver
Cat B - 1st Place
Huy TriAnh Nguyen - Banff School
Cat B - 2nd Place
Angela Medvedeva - Banff School
Cat C - 1st Place
"Still Life in White"
Christy Lovelady - Tomball Art League
Cat C- 2nd Place
Zitian Zhou - Banff School
Cat C- 3rd Place
Victoria Bryand - Banff School
Cat C - 1st Honorable Mention
"Galaxies Away"
Sarah Silver
Cat C - Honorable Mention
"Northern Lights"
Zhi Yuan Zhu - Banff




Sorry, this is one that we missed...if anyone has a picture of this, please send a copy to Nancy Lee

Cat C - Honorable Mention
Anh Huynh - Banff
Cat C - Honorable Mention
Lindley Scofield - Banff