Meeting Date/Time : 3rd Sat of every month from September through May (Social get together 9 AM -Business meeting at 9:30 AM - Demo 10:30 AM until around noon) call Mary for more information at 713-443-2675

September meeting Sept.17 at 9:30 AM in the Annex Bldg.

E-mail Contact : President Jerry Sue Greenhill

May Meeting & Demonstration

Cypress Creek Christian Church 6823 Cypresswood Drive Spring, TX 77379.

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Meetings and Demonstrations:

Northwest Art League Christmas Party!

Jerry Sue and Amy Duval preside over the February Meeting.
We Have a great time at the NWAL Christmas party. This year's was no different. It is, apparently, a tradition to wear the gift wrapping bows. Here is Jenelle Chamberlain wearing her red bow! Linda wearing her two bows. Lucy wears a silver bow, Dorothy adorns Marge with a multicolor bow, and Robin wears a bright green bow! Below, Jo Nan Carr couldn't decide where to put her bow!

LSAG Convention 2015 Winners List

We had a good turnout!

LSAG Convention 2015 Miscellaneous Winners Pictures

Our demo artist this month was :

Gary Hernandez and the Grisaille method of painting. Derived from the French word "gris", meaning "gray", grisaille is the method of painting with only shades of gray to create a 3-dimensional image on a flat surface.

This technique can be applied to portraiture, still life, landscape, sketching and compositional study.

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Northwest Art League Gallery of Artists

Amy Duval did not have a bow; so, tried different approaches with the wrapper! I kind of like the Nun approach!

Judged Shows


Oct. 15-16, 2016


Cypress Creek Christian Community Center (The Forum Garden Activity Room) , 6823 Cypresswood Dr., Spring, Texas 77379

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Questions? Email or call Polly Ward

Fall Show Prospectus

Mar 18-19, 2017
Cypress Creek Christian Community Center (The Forum Garden Activity Room) , 6823 Cypresswood Dr., Spring, Texas 77379

Questions? Email or call Polly Ward

Our demo artist in May was Gary Hernandez who demonstrated the Grisaille method of painting.
Gary showed examples of the underdrawing and then the final result.

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Some of Gary's Works.


Gary suggested using the already prepared "Gessobord" to make it easier to begin.

Gary starts the grisaille by laying our a gradation of paints from titanium white thru green umber. Oftetimes they will have upo to 12-17 grades.


Gary was very good at answering questions and explaining his technique.