Meeting Date/Time : 3rd Sat of every month from September through May (Social get together 9:30 AM -Business meeting at 10:00 AM - Demo after the meeting until around noon) call Mary Friday for more information at 713-443-2675

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President Brenda Brick Raven

Meeting Place: St. Timothy Lutheran Church
14225 Hargrave Road
Houston, TX 77070

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(Hint: Take first driveway coming from Cutten Road and go right around to the back of the church)

Brenda Brick Raven, President

Northwest Art League Spring LSAG Show - March 24, 2018

Our new venue at St. Timothy's is absolutely WONDERFUL! We have great lighting in the gymnasium and LOTS of room!
Show organizers Polly Ward, Stephanie Clark, and Kathy Horst welcome our judge, Doug Hiser.
The new venue also gives us LOTS of room for the judge's critique. Here Polly Ward and Jennifer Novak help set up the chairs for the judge's critique.
Dorothy Lyons was in charge of hospitality and a lot of the artists brought in goodies for the food table.
Judging begins.
The food table abounds with a lot of GOODIES!
Malvine starts the critque after all the judging is done and the show is open to the public.

Judge explains what he looks for when judging.

Judge critiques The BEST OF SHOW

"Endless Span of Time" by Laurel Plesnicher.

Judge critiques Jim Breedveld's 1st Place "Self Portrait" which was pretty funny since it really didn't seem to resemble him much (see below!!)!

Judge critiques The BEST OF SHOW , School Student

"Pretty Blooming Flowers " by Cadence McGuffin

Proud Granny, Mary Friday. listens to the critique!

Judge critiques The BEST Foral "Glorious Mom " by Carol Carranza.

Artists love socializing and this show had lots of room to do that!