Meeting Date/Time : 3rd Sat of every month from September through May (Social get together 9:30 AM -Business meeting at 10:00 AM - Demo after the meeting until around noon) call Mary Friday for more information at 713-443-2675

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President Brenda Brick Raven

Temporary Meeting Place: St. Timothy Lutheran Church
14225 Hargrave Road
Houston, TX 77070

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(Hint: Take first driveway coming from Cutten road and go right around to the back of the church)

Judy Coffey Workshop -

January 25 (Thursday) & 26 (Friday), 2018

Brenda Brick Raven, President

December Meeting

We had a short meeting before the party began! Malvine Wolf stood in for Brenda , hopefully, for the last time, because we want Brenda to stay out of the hospital! Thanks, Malvine for filling in for Brenda!

Artists are good cooks! We had some YUMMY food! Quite a spread!

Look who's back! Our President, Brenda Raven had a bad episode recently and spent some time in a hospital. Thankfully, she survived!! I made the three ladies pose for a picture. Mary Friday ( She was REALLY displaying a Christmas theme). Doris Thompson and Brenda Raven, President. Welcome back, Brenda!
First in line for food - Sue Craddock and Natalie Cook!
The new location has lots of room for our party meal!
Is that a guilty look or what?!!!
This is Dorothy Lyons, our Hospitality Chairperson. She did a great job at getting all the necessities for having a large meal!
We always have our elegant members. This is Myrtle Skinner, very elegant!
I believe that Connie McMahan is a wee bit messy when she eats! Look...There is a piece of cucumber and a spoon in front of her place at the table...tch...tch...tch!
Bonnie, Claire, Robin, Sue, and Dorothy have a round table to use for the meal!
I try to behave but can't seem to stop myself from putting bunny ears behind Mary Blain's head when Robin takes a picture of us! (Notice the "She WHO MUST BE OBEYED" sweatshirt) . That is so they all behave when I take pictures-does it work? No, Not really... HA!
Jerry Sue Greenhill led us all in Christmas Carols! She played the piano and sang, and we just sang!