Meeting Date/Time : 3rd Sat of every month from September through May (Social get together 9 AM -Business meeting at 9:30 AM - Demo 10:30 AM until around noon) call Mary for more information at 713-443-2675

E-mail Contact :

President Brenda Brick Raven

Temporary Meeting Place: St. Timothy Lutheran Church
14225 Hargrave Road
Houston, TX 77070

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Brenda Brick Raven, President

This month's demo artist was Gary Hernandez.He is excellent at critiquing and we put him to good use.
Critiquing Valerie Ronstadt's Artwork.
Critiquing Anita Burgess' Artwork.
Critiquing Caire Payne's Artwork.
Critiquing Myrtle Skinner'sArtwork.
Critiquing Kathy Horst's Artwork.
Critiquing Jerry Sue Greenhill's Artwork.

We had a super fun demo by Brenda McDougall on Saturday. Brenda demonstrated how she paints with alcohol inks.
Several members expressed an interest in doing a workshop to practice this art form. Let us hope that this can be arranged.
In the meantime, if anyone would like buy ink and have a go at trying out some of the techniques we learned,Carmen has very kindly sent the below information to share. Thanks Carmen!

Just an FYI for members interested in alcohol ink.

Michael's sells a 29pc alcohol ink kit for $24.99, but with a coupon it is reasonable for anyone wanting to experiment with this medium or for anyone who is considering a workshop. It was not in the "Art" area of the store.
It was in the "Paper-Craft" aisles.

Carmen Tabor

Thanks to Carol Hoyland for the photos of these meetings.